How we Catch

On our vintage fishing vessel Polarland, we use an ancient fishing method called Purse Seining. Records indicate as early as the first century AD fishermen put nets out in a circle using a line to gather the bottom (something like the drawstring of a purse – hence the name, purse seining). 


Purse seining harvests salmon with one of the lowest by-­catch (i.e., harming any other sea life) of any fishing method. In fact, the mammal injury rate is virtually zero. Through regulation of mesh size, net length, fishing location and timing with strict enforcement, the Alaskan salmon industry and purse seining in particular are recognized the world over for effective management of natural salmon runs with minimal impact on the environment.

Purse Seining is also extremely gentle on the fish as the catch is “rolled” aboard with the bulk of the fish going straight into the holding tank with freezing cold water to keep the seafood at premium quality. Our Premier Seafood portion is removed from the larger catch, individually handled, dressed, filleted, vacuum-­packed and blast frozen (­-20 degrees F) at Wild Fish Cannery, a small processing plant in Craig, Alaska.